Winter Curateur Box Review

The Spring Curateur box will be on the way soon but I wanted to review the Winter box as there are some really cute items.

Carly Cushnie gray horizon scarf

What would Winter be without a great scarf. This ombre like scarf from Carly Cushnie is so beautiful. It includes all of my favorite colors (or lack there of) with white, black and gray tones. It came advertised around the neck and cinched with a belt. I tried both looks and they were really cute. The scarf is valued at $150 and is a great addition to my Winter wardrobe.

Wearing the scarf as a belted wrap
Wearing the Carly Cushnie scarf

Elaluz 24k lip therapy

Elaluz which means “she is light” 24k lip therapy provides intense hydration for smoother lips. I have very dry lips in the Winter and I have used this lip therapy a few times. I may try putting it on before bed as a lip treatment but I have currently been using it over my regular lipstick. There are actually flakes of pure 24k gold. I am not really sure what they do but they look very cool.

Talianna Catchall tray

This pretty tray is perfect for displaying your jewelry, makeup, perfume or just as a stand alone decoration. I am personally going to put it in my jewelry cabinet and toss my everyday jewelry in there for easy use. Its so pretty and I love the gold detail.

Amber Sceats Emery Cuff

Anyone else still obsessed with gold jewelry? This cuff is adjustable for different wrist sizes and would look great stacked as well as alone. It looks heavy but actually is light to wear. Valued at $169 it is a great piece that will go with almost anything from dressy to casual.

Bonus gift! Rachel Zoe’s first ever fragrance set

This was such a fun surprise because I didn’t realize this was part of the box. Rachel Zoe has created four scents just for women. In her words “to empower you, to embrace your instincts, and to be the fearless, warrior that you are.” These four scents fearless, warrior, empower and instincts are all different. My favorite so far is Empowered but it is very sweet smelling. I like that but may be a little strong for some. Warrior to me smells more flowery, instinct has more of a clean bath smell (if thats a thing) and fearless is light sweet smell. Always love to expand my perfume collection so I will definitely add these into the rotation.

Jennifer Kassell Understated leather clutch

So I saved my favorite for last. This buttery soft clutch comes with a gold chain but I personally prefer to wear it as a hand clutch. You can pair it with an evening gown or jeans for a night out. The box offered the option of black or white, I selected the white. I have a lot of black clutches so I really could use the white. It really feels “like buttah” (my SNL reference) and its big enough to hold your phone and a lipgloss…all the essentials. The tassel adds a cute simple touch to the bag.

Once again I love all the contents of my Curateur box. There is not one thing that arrived that I was not happy with or couldn’t use like I find with some other box options. If you are interested in getting your own box you can send me an email and I have a discount code for you to use. Looking forward to the Spring box!



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