What To Pack For A Relaxing Spa Getaway

There is nothing more relaxing then heading to a spa weekend with friends. I can’t believe I will have 48 hours to catch up on some me time. When we were planning our trip one of the questions that came up is what should we bring? So I outlined some of my must pack items below!

Athletic wear: If you are into yoga, fitness classes or hikes, you will definitely want your workout clothes with you. Depending on the spa, one or all of these activities will be available. Don’t forget your sneakers!!

Bathing suit: You may want to hit up the indoor or outdoor pool so you will need to pack a swim suit. A bathing suit can also come in handy if you decide to use the sauna after your spa services. 

Casual basics: After your spa services, the next morning for breakfast or even when you travel you will want some casual basics with you that are comfortable and cute! Jeans, sweaters and leggings will make it into my suitcase for the trip.

Evening outfit: If you are going to dinner or a night on the town, you will need to make sure to pack something more dressy. Normally a Fall night out would require some layers and warmer options but it has been exceptionally warm this September so a LBD, heels and a cute light jacket will work for my trip.

Crossbody bag: This may come in handy if you decided to do any excursions or go out at night. I usually bring my big pocketbook and retire it for the weekend for my smaller bag.

Of course you need your basics like bras and underwear and some other must haves in my suitcase include:


Shampoo and conditioner (I like to have mine instead of what they supply

Blow dryer 

Hair Straightener 

Facial wipes




A kindle, book or magazine may also be something to consider bringing. I can’t remember the last time I had a opportunity to sit a read but a spa weekend may be just the time for me to catch up.

Depending on the spa, if you forget something you will most likely be able to get what you need there so I wouldn’t stress too much about packing. The entire point of the weekend is to be stress free and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that! Hopefully my husband isn’t reading this as he will not be having a similar experience left home with three kids…

If you haven’t grabbed some friends and had a weekend away, stay tuned to my follow up post on our spa experience as you just may want to pack your bag and book your trip too!



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