Trading in my Wedges for Boots

Anybody else getting ready to trade in their wedges for boots? I’m not really ready but Fall is here so out with my wedges and in with my booties. I’m excited to say I’m heading to NYC over the weekend to check out NYFW. I can’t wait to see all the amazing trends hitting the runway. There are a few fashion styles that I anticipate will make an appearance.

Capes/ Long Coats

I personally love wearing capes so I am excited. Especially since I am always cold anything in style that’s a warm outer layer is a win for me. I have seen some really pretty long coats in the stores so I definitely need to add a few to my collection. 

Satin skirt from Kate & Hale


I have already jumped on this as I bought a really pretty burnt orange satin midi last week. Satin is so beautiful in a shirt, dress or a skirt. Other then the fact that I feel I need to carry a steamer around with me when I wear it.

Tailored Suits and Cinched Blazers

My body style loves trends like this because it accentuates my waist line while flattering my curves. I try to put a belt on anything that I can. It’s times like this that I miss my banker job in the city when I wore amazing suits everyday. For now I will have to settle for a cute blazer for a night on the town.

Colors for Fall…purple?

Not sure why but I am seeing purple everywhere. Guess pretty in pink is out and purple is in. Purple isn’t really my color so wont be buying too much but I will accessorize my outfit with some pretty purple jewelry or maybe even a pair of purple shoes! Other colors I have noticed which I really like are true Autumn shades like burnt orange, olive green and yellow. 

Floral romper from The Loft

Moody florals

Are flowers all the rage this season or what? I added two floral prints to my wardrobe recently. One was more a romantic softer look and the other was a little darker and edgier.

Animal print dress from H&M

Animal Print

Last but certainly not least is animal print. I am so happy that animal print is still in fashion. Not only is it in but I think I see it more now then even last season. As I mentioned in my Spring article, I have never stopped wearing animal print since the 90’s so it’s always a plus to actually be on trend. 

A few more things I have seen are small bags, bucket hats and leather on leather. All really fun looks! Looking forward to see which trends make it to the runway this weekend.



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