Summer Box of Style review

My Summer Box of Style curated by Rachel Zoe arrived and I can not wait to share all the great goodies inside!

The weekender by Hinny + Lev has to be my favorite item in the box! In the Summer we always go on quick weekend getaways and this bag is perfect to bring along. The inside is so big and can really fit a lot of stuff which is good because I am a big over packer. The canvas and brown colors are a great look for Summer but it is definitely versatile enough to wear in other seasons. There is also a canvas mini bag inside which is perfect to pack my jewelry or any other small cosmetic overnight items. The bag itself retails for $159 so considering the Box costs $99 the bag alone is worth more then the price of the box.

My next favorite item is the cover-up. There are a few ways to wear it but I will probably stick to the classic around the waist tie. I could also see myself wearing it as a cover up scarf on cool Summer night over my tank top. I selected the pink option but the purple is pretty as well.

Lately I have been trying to branch out into bigger earrings and these beaded tassel earrings are so pretty. They have a fun look without being too much. Very glam without being over the top. I am going tout tonight and can’t wait to wear them!

I am in love with my Arbonne bronzer so it will be very hard to change my routine with the Kosas bronzer highlighter duo. I will try it though as I am always open to new things. The brand is made up of non-toxic ingredients which is a plus for me! I will follow up in my instagram stories on my opinion of the product.

In the Summer I can always use extra hydration so looking forward to trying the Grown Alchemist. I will add it to my skin care routine after cleansing and toning. I will do it a few days a week as my skin is super sensitive. On the other days I will use my regular moisturizing routine. This is a vegan, eco-friendly and non-toxic hydra repair day cream. I love trying new skin products so excited to see if this will be a regular in my routine.

Overall super happy with the Summer box. The items retail for about $490 so absolutely worth the $99 subscription. If you are interested in getting your own box you can use my referral code for a discount.



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