Sharing My New Glam Style Office

Since I started my blog last year I really wanted a space where I can work. We have a desk in the common area near the children’s playroom and it’s a good workspace but when the kids are around it definitely can get distracting. For a while Randy husband and I have had plans to work on a new office but it was put to the top of the to do list once he started working from home due to quarantine.

Glam Office Inspo

This came at the perfect time as I was also cleaning out my bedroom closet and realized that I needed more space for my shoe shopping habit. When trying to come up with ideas I came across a post from one of my favorite bloggers Mia Mia Mine. She was sharing her office and it was actually the perfect solution. A space for creativity where your style, fashion and glam can inspire! I was so excited as this was a great option for me but my husband who has to take many conference calls from home was a little hesitant about a glam office.

Art Work

We compromised and came up with plan that works for both of us. The backdrop of the desk which is what is displayed during calls is a great picture of New York City. It is so funny because we actually bought the frame for a picture for our son’s room but when it arrived with the sample we thought it was a great fit for the office. It’s like when you put out the frame with the family that comes inside.

Fashion Meets Office-Bookshelf and Dresser

As for the other wall the bookshelves double as my closet with a dresser that I filled with my off season clothing. The bookshelves I choose I found for half of the regular price which was great since I needed two.


I purchased the desk from Overstock but it is currently unavailable. I am still deciding if I want to order a few decor pieces for the desk or just keep it simple.


I originally ordered a chandelier and then decided that I wanted to do something a little different then my normal style. I decided on a globe light fixture to add a fun to the room. It is gold with crystal accents which was he prefect touch of glam.

Glam Office Sign

The Glam Office sign which was the original inspiration for the office I found at Marshalls’. What I wouldn’t do to be able to shop at Marshall’s right now…I was unable to link it but if you are looking for a similar one North Fork Nest can customize one for you.


I wanted to keep the dresser simple so I added some great fashion books and a floral accent to compliment the drapes which both brought some color into the room.

This will definitely be a creative space for me. There are still a few more touches I would like to add like a mirror and a clothing rack but for now I am excited to start using the glam office!



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