Shape Tape or Hydocealer Concealer by Tarte

As I am getting older the circles under my eyes are getting more and more noticeable. For that reason I wear a variety of under eye concealers depending on the look I am trying to achieve. I started wearing Tarte Shape Tape on a recommendation from a friend and have loved it ever since. Then I saw Tarte came out with a Hydrocealer concealer and was curious to try it.

Both concealers are amazing but I like them for different purposes. The Tarte Shape tape is great coverage but definitely on the thicker side. For this reason I like to wear it when I am doing a nighttime full makeup look. The concealer doesn’t feel heavy but has great coverage which lasts for hours. For me, it definitely gives a brighter smoother look. There are a lot of colors to choose from and I use the shade light medium sand.

The Hydrocealer is definitely not as thick but also has nice coverage. The Hydrocelar lasts for 12 hours and the Shape Tape lasts for 16 according to the product details. After using each product I would say they are both long lasting. I like to use the Hydrocelaer for a more casual day makeup look. I also use the shade light medium sand for this one as well.

I feel they both cover dark circles and brighten the under eyes but depending on how dry my skin is I can have creases. I find I get more creasing with the Shape Tape but when I apply less and add a translucent powder that does help.

On the days I am going for a “no makeup” look then I do use completely different brand, Arbonne’s real conceal liquid in medium warm.

Whether you like Tarte or are interested in trying it out, Tarte is participating in LTKI day on July 19th so if you make a purchase on that day through the app you will be eligible for 20% Tarte products. (Exclusions may apply)

As my skin changes concealer is becoming more of a must have so I am so glad I found these products.



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