NYFW 2020

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My schedule has been crazy this month but I didn’t want to let New York Fashion Week slip by without getting my fashion fix. I was able to sneak away and head into the city with enough time to catch some fashion fun!

Some of the highlights were the Tibi presentation located at the store on Wooster Street.  

The Past, Present, Future: Fall 2020 Experience 

The store featured sweaters, shirts, some travel gear and my personal favorite was the shoes! I am sure no one is shocked by the shoes being my favorite as you all know I have a shoe obsession. 

According to vogue.com Amy Smilovic’s inspiration for the collection was a small town in New York called Port Chester.  Instead of jet setting somewhere far Smilovic decided to check out the cafes and shops right here in a town off the Metro North. I love that she decided to use a small town in Westchester County for her creative drive.

Okay back to the shoes…there were a pair of black open back flats with crystal gems, they were absolutely beautiful. I also loved a pair of sherpa heels which came in black and like a cream color. They would make a gorgeous accessory to a simple outfit.

The back of the store was a showcase of the collection, check out a few looks below. 

Another stop we made was not on the NYFW agenda. I got a tip for an adorable pop up shop for a brand I shall not mention. Since it was close we figured we would go and check it out. When we got there to my surprise it was a pop up shop but not for fashion. It was… let’s just say a pop up shop of the adult nature. That definitely gave us a good laugh. 

Next we headed uptown to a Sip and Shop with Influcener, All Things Allison. She was hosting the Index NYC Pop Up on Madison Avenue. The shop had some pretty items, my favorite being this blue coat. The color was beautiful and I regret not getting it. 

They were hosting a raffle when I was there for 5 amazing prizes and 100% of the proceeds went to the Australia Brushfire Emergency. I didn’t win but was happy to make the donation for a good cause!

Unfortunately I was pressed for time so I did not have the opportunity to meet Allison. We did exchange DMs after and she was very sweet. I hope to get the opportunity to connect with her in the future. Check out her instagram @allthingsallison

I love spending time in NYC and I especially love when I get the opportunity to check out some amazing fashion. Looking forward to the next NYFW!



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