New Year, New Home Renovations!

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Starting the New Year with some fun home renovation projects and I am excited to share the process!

Creating the vision

For several years now I have been trying to figure out what to do with the exterior of my home. I knew I wanted to give it a facelift but wasn’t sure the exact direction to move forward. I decided to enlist the help of a local architect to assist in creating a vision. My house (pictured below) is a standard colonial so the architect drew up plans to give it fresh look without losing the charm of the home.

This picture taken around Halloween. Mummies are not a part of my usual decor.

Home inspired by a modern farmhouse look

My favorite style home these days is a modern farmhouse look. I’m somewhat obsessed with board and batten. I did adopt a modern farmhouse concept when creating the new plans for my renovation. Below is an example of one of the beautiful modern farmhouses I used for inspiration. Living on Long Island, New York I haven’t seen many houses in this style so most of my inspiration came from photos on Pinterest.

Photo taken from Pinterest

So far we have ripped up the driveway which seriously needed to go and replaced our current walkway. Next step is the addition of a portico which should be starting soon. I think the portico will really make a difference in the front so can’t wait to get started. It is too cold here in New York to lay the foundation so waiting on the weather to get a little warmer.

In addition to the outside, our basement has been on the list for a makeover. We were holding off but after a flood hit the floors it is now time to move the basement to the top of the list. Stay tuned for my follow up post on how we changed the look for a reasonable cost.

Accessorizing your home can be just as fun as accessorizing your outfit

We have also been doing little additions inside the house as well. It’s so true that the little things can make such a big difference. I will share and link all the products we purchased in a follow up post. Renovations are so fun! Accessorizing your home can be just as fun as accessorizing your outfit!



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