My Virtual Private Event: Friends, Drink and Crafts

After weeks in quarantine I have cleaned, cooked and baked repeatedly, I was ready to change it up and try something a little different. I came across a company called Yaymaker which offered virtual public and private craft events. 

I decided to check it out and set up a crafting happy hour with some of my friends. There were several options to choose from including canvas painting, ukulele making, planting and wine bottle/glass painting. I choose the wine bottle painting party for my group. Since we are in a quarantine it is no surprise that everyone I invited had an empty bottle on hand. 

I coordinated the details with Katherine who was our instructor for the event. She was great to work with and kept the meeting fun! Since we are unable to leave our homes it was so convenient that she offered to ship the materials needed directly to us from her online store.

Let me just also throw it out there that I am not a good painter but the lesson was easy enough to follow along so I did not feel discouraged.

Everyone had a really good time and it was great seeing my friends while we worked on out projects. If you are looking for something fun to do I would suggest visiting Yaymaker and checking out their events!



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