My Hydrafacial & Venus Freeze Experience at the Butterfly Salon

I have never been more focused on skincare as I am in my late 30’s. Once I started to see a few more lines then I had in my 20’s, I decided it was time to work on preventing skin damage and really look into how I can take care of my skin.

Julie, my esthetician, was very knowledgeable and I had such a great experience at the salon. 

I heard a lot of talk about a hydrafacial so I couldn’t wait to try it. I went to the Butterfly Salon at Danfords and they were amazing. Julie, my esthetician, was very knowledgeable and I had such a great experience at the salon. 

Prior to starting my facial, I kicked off my spa services with a Venus Freeze eye treatment. Lately when I was looking in the mirror I felt my eyes appeared very tired (probably because I am thanks to my three kids) and I was seeing dark circles. Julie suggested the Venus Freeze eye treatment and I am so glad I did it. Pulsed electro magnetic fields combined with radio frequency heat the tissue under the skin which encourages the production of collagen. This process can be used to address dark circles, lax skin, fine lines, puffiness as well as wrinkles. For best results, Julie suggested six treatments two weeks apart. I did see a difference after one treatment but I am looking forward to finishing the series.

Venus Freeze eye treatment

After we tightened my eyes we moved on to the face. The hydrafacial works in three steps to cleanse+peel, hydrate+extract and fuse+protect your skin. The first step is the cleanse and peel process where you uncover a new layer of skin which is done thorough exfoliation and resurfacing. This part just felt just Iike a traditional facial where they are applying creams and massaging the skin. 

Then the next step was fun! Julie took a suction tool and went over my entire face. It was painless and as I was sitting there I was imagining all the debris being removed from my skin. She used salasilic and willow bark to gently extract all the dirt stuck in my pores. After the extractions it was time to hydrate with intense moisturizers. 

The hydrafacial extraction process

In the last step she saturated the skin with antioxidants and peptides. It felt great to know all the moisture and vitamins were being put back into my skin.

Another great feature of this facial is if you have a special skincare need you can add a serum boost to your service. Dermabuilder address signs of aging, Growth Factor minimizes the appearance of fine lines and the Britenol addresses sun spots and dark spots for an even completion.  

Picture taken from the website

So eveyone wants to know is the treatment it worth it. In my opinion, yes. My face was red for about the first half hour after leaving which is completely normal. After the redness subsided, I went around for the rest of the day with no makeup on and my skin was glowing. It has been 72 hours since the facial and my skin feels smooth and looks refreshed. The effects usually last up to a week and for long term benefits you can get additional treatments every 4-6 weeks. I can’t wait to book my next appointment!



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