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I like to change my pocketbook on a daily basis but I hate having to always move my items from one bag to another. I usually don’t have much time to spare as I am running out the door so I am constantly forgetting things from one bag to the next. To save me the time and trouble when changing handbags I decided to try the ZTUJO purse organizer from Amazon. I chose this organizer because it had great reviews, came in 12 colors and was available in multiple sizes. 

Sizing and Features

I selected the medium size in beige as my trial insert. I have been using it for a few weeks and I have to say I really like it. Not only does it give me the ability to change between my pocktbooks efficiently but it also keeps all my belongings organized so I can grab my lipgloss, keys or cellphone quickly. The felt fabric looks clean and blends to the inside of my beige bags.

handbag organizer
My organizer

The organizer does keep it’s shape for the most part and the only downfall I experienced was the zipper gets a little stuck on occasion. The good news is, all purse organizers from ZTUJO come with a 1 year warranty. 

Selecting The Right Size

The width, height and depth of all organizers are listed to make it easy to choose the right size for your pocketbook. If you are a Louis Vuitton bag lover, like I am, the dimensions of some popular LV bags can be found in the description as well.

Overall I am really happy with the ZTUJO purse organizer and I will be ordering smaller and larger sizes to fit all of my handbags.

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