My Favorite Tanning Products

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When I was younger you could find me in a tanning bed at least once a week. These days I love my organic spray tans but with current events and sometimes scheduling, I can’t always get there. So I have a few go to tanning products that are great to use in the Summer and some I use all year round. These have become my favorite go to tanning products.

Add A Little Shimmer

My newest and favorite product is the Tom Ford shimmering body oil. When I’m going out I like to add a little shimmer to my tan and Tom Ford’s shimmering body oil has a perfect subtle hint of gold. It is lightweight and has such a pretty smell, reminds me of the beach. In some of the reviews people weren’t crazy about the smell so just want to mention that in case you are someone that isn’t into strong smelling products. When you apply it the instructions say not to rub it in because it doesn’t last as long but I find myself lightly smoothing it over my skin because some the sprays seem more concentrated. I found if I shake the bottle and then spray it I get a fuller coverage and smoothing isn’t as necessary. 

The next product I have used since 2009. When I wear shorts or a dress with or without a tan I like the way the Sally Hansen airbrush legs spray tan evens out my color. Now I must say I have recommended this to a friend and she said it ruined her white shorts. I personally haven’t had that experience but she said she was hot and the color wiped off. So if you do decide to use it I would test it out first. The airbrush look helps my legs look nicer and I always find myself reaching for it regardless of the season.

How I Get A Tan When I Can’t Get To The Salon

This next product is newer to my arsenal of tanning. I was on the search for a great tanner and a friend suggested the St Tropez classic self tanning mousse. It works so well when I need a tan but can’t get to the salon. The color is so natural looking and it bends very easily so there is not a lot of streaking. For best results I use the mitt, I really find it helps with application.

It is such a great feeling when I have a nice tan! If you are interested in any of the products I mentioned, you can find them linked on my page.



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