My experience with Shein

I am always skeptical to buy from sites that I am not familiar with but I did some due diligence and I decided to give it a shot. I was going to a costume party and needed a denim dress. I didn’t think I would wear it again so was I trying not to spend too much on it. I came across Shein and figured why not. I placed the order for two denim dresses to see which one I liked better. They came within a week of ordering which was what I expected. I wore one of the dresses for the party and I have to say the quality was decent. A button ring did pop off the denim belt but I was able to put it back on. The dress lasted through the night and I even got several compliments on it.

I felt my experience was pretty good so I ordered again as I really liked a lot of clothes on the site. I placed an order for 7 items which included a few teddy sweatshirts, a plaid top, a long sleeve shirt and a few sweater dresses. The total for the order after a holiday promo code was $94.09 which is an average of less than $15 an item. I kept my expectations low and hoped for the best. The packaged arrived 4 days after I placed my order.  

I have to say I was happy with the quality and styles I picked. There was one sweater dress that I could have sized down on but other then that I was pleased. Again, I just want to highlight my expectations were low so I was pleasantly surprised with the clothes. 

I think the site is good for trendy items that you want to wear for a season. I also think the quality depends on the individual items so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ordered again with a different outcome. With that said, I will absolutely place orders from them in the future. 

A few things to remember when ordering:


Read the reviews when making a decision on sizing. I found that others feedback was helpful.


The shipping times are 6-8 business days and 2-4 business days however the orders can be delayed due to custom clearance issues. I did read some reviews that people were unhappy with amount of time it took orders to ship. I would be careful ordering things needed by a certain time frame.


I have yet to return my additional denim dress I ordered but you have up to 45 days to make a return. No return will be accepted after 45 days. Shipping is free on your first return for any order otherwise you can use their shipping label for a $7.99 fee.

Ethical Practices

According to their website, they claim fair labor practices and the factories are ISO certified.


I  was happy with my order but do feel that it is a case by case basis. 

Overall, as long as you understand the product and set your expectations accordingly it is a good site for getting the occasional trendy pieces for the season.



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