My Chanel Wish List

What better way to spend a day then at the Chanel boutique? I know, I know, it sounds a little ridiculous but what can I say…it’s so fun! However, if you ask my two sons that I dragged there they may not agree.

Photo taken from Chanel on 57th street

It was one of those things that was so spontaneous. My mom and dad were heading into NYC as my mom wanted to get a new bag and she called to see if I wanted to join. So I had to figure out how I was going to tell my boys that we were heading into Manhattan for the day pocketbook shopping and not something cool like ice skating in Rockefeller Center. I ended up telling them we can meet up with their sister and dad who were already in the city and all go to the big candy store. That did the trick!

We headed to the 57th street Chanel location and when you walk in it is deceiving. The store seems like a decent size but there are actually four floors of fabulous Chanel items. Bags, clothes and jewelry all displayed on each floor and one is prettier then the last. There were so many colorful bags and I loved that it was more then just your basic neutrals. Jared, our sales associate, started off our tour with pocketbooks.   

Chanel bag

So let’s be honest, my wish list includes the entire store but there are a few items that I currently have my eye on. The first is a bag that actually has no name. My mom bought it in black and I kept trying to convince her to get the red. Since she chose the black I decided to add the red to my list.  First off this bag is a great size. I would describe it as not too big and not too small. It has enough room to fit your phone, wallet and a few miscellaneous items but not too large where you feel it is a shopping bag or tote size. 

The next thing that really excited me was the color. This red is so perfect for the Holiday season and into the Winter months. The shade of red is striking but not over powering. Needless to say, I am in love with this bag. It currently retails for $4100 so it may remain on my wish list for a little while.

Chanel cuff with gold hardware

Another item that has been on my radar is the Chanel cuff bracelet. There are a few styles I like and they all include the black band with the signature logo in gold, pearl or crystal. Currently the 2018 cuff with gold hardware made my wish list. I like it because this bracelet can be dressed up or down depending on my outfit so it is very versatile. The only thing about this bracelet compared to some of the others is it is a little harder to get on. This piece is priced at $850 which is on the lower end compared to the crystal and pearl cuff. Honestly, all of the cuff bracelets are truly beautiful.

Large felt shopping bag in white and black

A bigger bag that made the list is the large shopping bag. I can see myself using this and enjoying all the space. I just love the design of the bag. There are several styles but the wool felt calfskin silver tone metal in white and black is my favorite. 

Chanel CC gold pearl and crystal stud earrings

On this visit I did get to check off one of my wish list items that I have wanted for a while. The Chanel gold crystal and pearl stud earrings. The last time I was at the store they did not have any studs available. This time they had the pearl with crystal stud in addition to the all pearl studs. It was a hard choice between the two but I selected the pearl/crystal combination as they were a little smaller and more practical for everyday wear. My mom ended up getting the crystal and pearl drop earrings which were also beautiful. 

One of the great things about Chanel is the experience. Your items are presented to you by your gloved salesperson wrapped and packaged in a beautiful box with ribbons and a flower bow. As you wait you are offered a beverage in beautiful glass flutes. I declined the glass as all I could think about was one of my boys knocking it over. When we were on the 4th floor picking out earrings my sons were waiting in sitting area with beautiful couches and glass tables. I was dying as we were leaving because I look over and there are fingerprints all over the glass. The Chanel associates were really nice about it and I have to say we met so many nice and friendly people while we were there. Our rep Jared especially was great. He was so friendly, knowledgeable and very patient as my mom and I kept looking at different things. 

Me and my mom

If you are in New York City I would highly suggest checking out the Chanel store on 57th street. Whether it is to make a purchase or start your own wish list!



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