Modern Picnic Review: Not Your Average Lunch Box

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The other day I was with my sister who is a working professional and she had the most adorable bag that looked like a pocketbook but it was an insulated lunch box. When I am on the go I like to bring my lunch with me, especially when I’m trying to eat healthy. This bag was so cute and chic I had to get one!ii

I decided to get the mini luncher in the black faux crocodile. It is made out of vegan leather and the inside is so easy to clean. It has pockets and even has an elastic area for my utensils. The mini is the smaller version of the luncher which is next on my list to get. There is also the snacker which can double for a clutch and then the tote which can fit your lunch, laptop and so much more.

These bags are such a great way to carry your lunch. Whether you are a working professional, a busy mom on the go, or someone that likes to travel, you will love the convenience of this bag. They are as beautiful as they are functional.

If you are ready to get rid of the plastic and paper bags and carry your food in style then Modern Picnic is for you! I liked the company so much I became an ambassador. You can use my code CARISSA15 for 15% off!



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