Jewelry Trends for Spring 2020

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I was looking at my ears the other day and missing a time years ago when I had three earring holes in each ear. So I decided to try and re-pierce my holes after 15 years of only wearing one pair of earrings. I put some Bacitracin over the area and I could see a slight mark where my earring holes used to be. I then took a very sharp post and worked it through my ear. I don’t necessarily suggest anyone do this as it was definitely uncomfortable but I was able to get all earrings in. Lately I have been loving a lot of ear bling. I even wish I could re-open the earring in the top part of my ear but that one is closed. I won’t pierce it again but I will decorate it by wearing some ear cuffs.  

My desire for earring bling seems to be on trend for the new year. Here are some jewlery trends coming up for Spring 2020. 

Big hoop earrings 

Hoop earrings have been in style forever. They always remind me of Jlo in her earlier years. Not sure if I can say they are back as for me they never left but maybe they went out of style and I just kept wearing them? In any case, hoops are in but not just your average hoop. Big supersized hoops are taking on a new life from casual wear to your LBD. So girls of the 90s go to the back of your jewelry box and take out your big gold hoops. 

Natural jewelry 

For all you nature lovers, pearls, wood and shells are making their way into the jewelry circuit this season. “Everywhere you looked, designers were elevating humble materials into highly desirable pieces.”

One earring trend

This is one I can not get on board with. I have seen on the runways and in magazines women wearing one earring. I am not opposed to two different earrings but one earring especially oversized just feels unbalanced for me. It seems to be pretty popular so I may be the only one with this opinion but I have to say I’m just not a fan. If you are then rock it because it is in style. 

Chunky chain 

Chunky chains and chain link jewelry made a big appearance on the runway according to We may see a lot of oversized jewelry this Spring season while the dainty classic pieces that we have been wearing may be on their way out.

Chain link necklace

I’m excited to wear some of these looks. My favorite has to be the big hoop earrings as it brings me back to my teenage years!



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