How To Make An Oversized Tee Trendy

I have been really into the casual look lately (probably since I haven’t been leaving my house during quarantine) and I especially have been wearing a lot of t-shirts. I got a tee recently and it was very oversized. The arms and length were long and the neck was high. I decided I wanted to try and make it a little more trendy. I have been seeing so many cute videos of girls cutting their shirts so I decided to try it! Im not going to lie I was a little nervous that I was going to mess it up.

The saying on the t-shirt I used is obviously a joke but since I am always late anyone that knows me would get a laugh…

I started with the easiest cut of them all which was cutting the bottom. I put the shirt up against my body to the desired height and made a crease. I laid the shirt flat and cut along my imaginary line. I decided to leave some material to tuck or knot but you can also crop if you prefer.

Next I cut the arm sleeves. I just cut off about an inch and followed the stitching line which gave the tee a slight rolled look. I have also seen it done where you fold the sleeves into a cuff. In my opinion both looks are very cute.

Then I worked on the neckline. I decided to make this into a scoop neck but there are a few options. You can also make a V-neck, V-neck with collar or off the shoulder. I choose scoop neck because to be honest I thought it was probably the easiest. The difference of the scoop and the V is all in the initial cut. For the scoop neck I started my cut line straight across on a V you would start your cut on an angle.

Prior to cutting I matched the collar and arm seams then laid the tee out flat. I started the cut line by putting two fingers under the collar line stitching. Once I started the cut I followed the collar stitching and with each cut I went a little closer toward the collar until I hit the seam line, then I cut straight across. I think mine was a little off center and not a prefect cut around but you really can’t notice when it is on.

If it is a little confusing to read the directions I will be putting up an IGTV on how I did it so you can reference that if you wanted to try. I really think the different cutting options it gives a plain t-shirt a cute and trendy upgrade.



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