How To Get The Look of Longer Lashes

One thing I always wanted to do but haven’t done is lash extensions. If I am being honest I have a strange thing about people touching my eyes. It took me forever to wear contacts because of my eye phobia. I have tried the temp lashes but don’t always want to have to apply them.

I absolutely love the way long eye lashes look and since I decided to work with what I have I invested in an eyelash primer. I ordered the Marc Jacobs Epic Lash Primer during the recent Sephora sale and tried it for the first time yesterday. I have to say I was so impressed with what a difference it makes.

If you happen to have caught my stories I compared one eye with and one without the primer. The lashes that I used the primer on were fuller and longer looking. My lashes felt conditioned and the mascara went on very smooth. I use the Arbonne Speaks Volumes mascara which you can get here.

I have no other bands to compare it to but I do like the one I tried. A friend also recommend the Lancome eyelash primer so I will check that one out next for comparison.

A little trick I find helps to lengthen my lashes is I apply one or two coats and then wait a few minutes before applying the final coat. It seems to help with shape and length.

Even though it is an extra step during the makeup process I would highly recommend if you are looking to enhance your lashes to add a lash primer into your process.



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