How to Care for Designer Handbags and Shoes

I love getting a designer handbag or an expensive pair of shoes but I have to admit I am lax when it comes to the upkeep of taking care of them. Do you put your items back in the dust bag when you are not using them? If not, you should, not only to protect them from dust but also from light exposure which can cause damage. I am guilty of just putting my handbag or shoes back on the shelf but the dust bags really can help to preserve the look of your items.

Depending on the leather, it can be different as a Chanel lamb skin is sensitive to repeated rubbing and humidity and a patient leather even though has a glossy varnish it is still very delicate when it comes to scratches.

I always use a makeup bag and I never carry a pen in my designer bags.

After chatting with a Chanel representative she also advised that if you do not take care of your bag as directed you could be denied service and repair under warranty.

In addition to taking care of the outside of a pocket book we can’t forget about the inside. Makeup and pen stains also can ruin a bag. I always use a makeup bag and I never carry a pen in my designer bags. If you do it may be a good idea to store it in a handbag organizer. Amazon has some cute ones in all sizes. I just purchased the ZTUJO Purse Organizer for my bag which I will be following up with a review.

As for my CLB’s I love my Christian Louboutin’s but I did not protect the soles with a protective rubber so the red paint is gone on half the shoe. If you did this too don’t worry there is a fix. If you go on the Christian Louboutin website it references a few shoe and leather specialists. I have used the Leather Spa in NYC for repairs and for around $60 they will repaint half the shoe to look new.

At the end of the day the biggest things to remember are use your dust bags, keep your designer bags and shoes away from light, and keep them away from rain and moisture. Below are a few of my go to pieces in my closet.

Chanel wallet on a chain
Christian Louboutin Demi You
Gucci handbag

Photo credit Lauren Elizabeth Photography

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