How Natural Is Your Glam?

A revised updated article from April 2019

The concept of Natural Glam Girl came about as I have loved using makeup and beauty products for as long as I can remember. I was however, concerned about the toxins and other chemicals that can be found in an industry that is so large yet under-regulated. I have a passion for glam but was on a quest to keep it as natural as possible hence the start of Natural Glam Girl.  

Everyone these days seem to be concerned about the things we put into our bodies. How healthy is the food we are eating? Is it organic or plant based? Ae there GMO or additives?   But what about the things we put ON our bodies? Our skin is our largest organ and just as important to protect from harmful chemicals.  

I have to be completely honest, this does not mean all my beauty products are “clean.” There are different levels of what is considered a “clean” product and I do still use some cosmetics that are not toxin free. I have limited or converted some of my beauty regimen to incorporate products that actively look to reduce the amount of toxins as well as chemicals and provide a safer beauty routine.  

Consulting for Natural Products 

  Last year my quest to find a cleaner beauty regimen led me to become a consultant for a direct selling company:  

The skincare products, based on botanical principals, came ti fruition in the United States in 1980 and are more shared throughout the world by a growing network of Consultants…For 40 years, thy’ve been on a mission to create clean, plant-based products while working to leave a lighter environmental footprint. 

  I absolutely love building a business and getting paid to share a makeup and skincare line that is environmentally friendly, non-GMO, and made with botanically based ingredients.

A few of the more common additives that are found in beauty products are as follows:

Parabens– a synthetic preservative

Sulfates– inexpensive chemical used to create lather

Formaldehyde– a carcinogenic chemical

Talc– also a carcinogenic chemical as it is known to be contaminated by asbestos

You may be surprised that the FDA does not have a more active roll in the regulation of cosmetics. If you are interesting in learning more, take a look at the link. It provides some informative Q&A on the FDA’s authority over cosmetics.

How To Make Your Glam More Natural

While this entire topic is concerning, I have found a way to make sure your glam is natural, or at least more natural.

In my research, which includes watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s (one of my guilty pleasures), I downloaded the EWG app after watching an episode where the Environmental Working Group appeared on the show. They discussed downloading their app which let’s you check the safety of household cleaners and beauty products. Not everything in my cabinet was listed when I scanned it but there were a good amount of products which did show up in the data base and provided a rating. I was very happy that a lot of my household and beauty items received a good rating. I went around scanning my entire house, it was kind of addicting.

I am very passionate about this topic and I applaud the companies that take an active interest in providing safe and effective options. In a market that is growing by the billions, it would be great to see more progress made towards removing harmful ingredients and providing safer choices for the things we put on our bodies.

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