How I Do A Powder Manicure At Home

I get my nails done every two weeks and my friends actually tease me because I never miss. So when I heard I may not be able to get to the nail salon I went on Amazon and bought my own dip polish kit. I knew It wouldn’t be easy but I was willing to give it a shot. 

Supplies you will need

I selected the Gelish kit and dip based on my nail tech’s suggestion. The directions came included in the kit and were easily listed out step by step. In addition to the kit and dip I also needed a nail file, a 180 buffer and gel nail polish remover. I linked all the products used on my page.

How to remove the polish

The application of the dip was not really difficult. Any imperfections I was able to buff out. The hardest part I thought was removing the previous polish. I am so impatient so when it said soak for 10 minutes I was already trying to remove in 5. In order to remove the polish I placed cotton balls on my nails, added the solution and covered with foil. 

Once I was able to remove the majority of the polish I started the dip process, buffed and I had a new fresh set of nails. 

Check out my tutorial

If you would like to see my tutorial check out my IGTV page on instagram @ natural_glam_girl 

For a full look into the process. I also linked the supplies I used in case anyone is feeling brave enough to try it themselves at home. 

Since all small business has closed for the next few weeks I was glad I was able to keep up with my nails at home. I actually ordered more powder colors and I look forward to trying this again! 

Another option for fun nails

An easier alternative to the powder is Color Street nails. They are nail polish strips and are peel and apply. The great thing about them is all the fun designs!

For me when my nails are done I feel good about myself so if you feel the same way I hope these options are helpful!



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