Getting Personal With Luxury Bags

Edition 1: Louis Vuitton

I love designer bags and my new Louis Vuitton is no exception. I have to say picking out a luxury bag can be a process as there are several things to consider. That is why I decided to create a series on Getting Personal with Luxury Handbags, Louis Vuitton edition 1.  

The first edition of the series is going to be my review of my newest luxury pocketbook, the Lymington. 

This bag was special because it was a total surprise from my hubby. Christmas morning we are exchanging our gifts and he hands me a gift card box. I open it thinking what kind of gift card did he get me and to my surprise there was a note that said this isn’t your gift check the bathroom drawer. After checking three different locations each with a note sending me somewhere else, I came to the last note which said now follow the string to your gift. I knew this had to be a good one since I just ran all over the house. I followed the string to the most beautiful big Louis Vuitton box and inside was a gorgeous  Lymington pocketbook.

My husband chose this bag as I had went to the LV store several months before and I posted about how much I liked this particular bag. He is very cleaver to have done his homework and his delivery was adorable and memorable. 

Now that you know how I got it, let’s discuss the details of this pretty handbag. This bag is great because it can be worn dressed up or down. I recently took it into the city for a night out but I would use it for as something as casual as meeting my friends for lunch.  

The pattern I selected is the Damier Azur Canvas but it also comes in the Damier Ebene. Damier is a French word which translates as “checker board” in English and perfectly describes this pattern. The Damier Ebene is a darker pattern and in my opinion is more carefree as you don’t have to worry about color transfer or patina. The Damier Azur is light and you do have to be thoughtful when putting the bag near your clothing to avoid color transfer. For that reason alone I wouldn’t classify it as an everyday bag. 

If you aren’t familiar, as Louis Vuitton bags age the color will change. The handle, tassel and trim are made up of an untreated leather called vachetta.  The patina is a result of natural elements and use from things like oil on your hands, weather, sunlight and dirt. If you are interested in more information on why the patina occurs and how to care for your bags stay tuned as we will discuss this in a later edition. 

So after using it a few times here are some pros and cons for this bag:

What I Love About This Bag

The size is great as it is not too big but can comfortably fit my wallet, small make-up bag and phone.

I like the double zip closure at the top

It is a good Spring/Summer bag but you can wear it year round.

I enjoy the option to use the flat handles or removable/adjustable strap 

There is a pocket inside perfect to hold my cell phone 

The tassels are a cute look and can be removed 

Love the pink fabric inside 

The pattern is one of my LV favorites 

Things to Remember

The biggest thing for me is having to be thoughtful of clothing as it can transfer on the bag

The cream squares will darken over time

I didn’t put the patina in a category as I would not consider it a pro or a con as it is to be expected with an LV bag. 

I am really looking forward to wearing my new bag  more in the upcoming Spring season.



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