Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing At Home

I have been feeling a little bored the past few days so I decided to change that and compile a list of fun activities to do while at home. After being quarantined for several weeks I am ready for something a little different. Here are a few suggestions…

Virtual Paint/Craft Party:

How adorable is this idea? I came across a website that has virtual paint parties and craft parties via Zoom. You can order supplies through them or on your own. I am in the process of setting up a class for my friends. In addition to paint parties for friends there is also paint sessions for you and your kids. I reached out as I would like to set up both! You can email or check out or (website will be available within 48 hours)

Stay tuned as I will post a video from my sip and paint session.

Virtual Happy Hour:

Get a glass of wine and get your friends together! I have done this and I have seen many others getting together on FaceTime (which can hold 31 participants) or through a Zoom session. You can get a basic Zoom plan which allows 40 minutes meetings. We used FaceTime and good thing because we were on for two hours. It felt so good to chat and have a drink with my friends. I will definetly be doing this again soon!

Virtual Banking/Cooking:

I am not really a baker but my friend Sandy is and we got together for a baking session! I never really have the time to bake so this is the perfect opportunity.

We could have used FaceTime but instead we spoke on the house phone, yes I know so 1990, and we recorded ourselves to make a baking show. You can check out or session and the recipe on @naturalglamgirl. It really was a lot of fun and the recipe was so easy even I was able to make it! If baking isn’t your thing you an also cook with a friend instead!

Virtual Game Night:

Why not host a virtual game night? Get some of your favorite games and play virtually. Using an app like Houseparty may be best for this. You can have up to 8 people at one time. If you don’t have games don’t worry something as simple as heads up on your phone could be fun in a virtual group. There are also games like Drawful 2, similar to Pictonary and a classic game of Charades is always fun!

Hoping some of these suggestions will get you socializing and having fun!!



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