4th of July Specialty Drinks

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If you are hosting a 4th of July BBQ, going to one, or just want a festive drink, these are a few of my favorite red white or blue drinks.

Photo taken from Pretty Plain Janes

One of the prettiest looking drinks is the red white and blue wine spritzer. Wine is always a crowd pleaser and what could be better then adding blueberries and strawberries to something that already tastes great? Check out this super easy recipe to make this pretty drink. 

What would a celebration be without the classic Jell-O shot. It is definitely a party must have. You can make them in festive colors like red white and/or blue. Adding whip cream is always a plus!

Photo taken from Delish.com

If you prefer a low carb, low sugar, option this blueberry mojito looks amazing. I have to be honest I haven’t tried it yet but it is on my list of summer must haves. It is a great way to enjoy a drink without the waistline guilt.

Photo taken from alldayidreamaboutfood.com

One of my all time favorite drinks is a strawberry daiquiri. This recipe only requires 4 ingredients and takes just 5 minutes to make. It’s a good option for a quick refreshing drink and the color is a great match for a 4th of July party.

Photo taken from Delish.com

Last but not least a good non alcoholic option is water infused with berries. Similiar concept to the wine spritzer, the water infused with berries looks festive and tastes amazing. You can get creative and use star shaped cookie cutters on fruit like watermelon but you don’t have to be that fancy (unless you want to). Fill a glass jar with water and add whatever fruit you choose. To enhance the taste you can muddle some of the fruit. Let it sit 2-4 hours after the fruit has been added or overnight for more flavor. There is nothing more refreshing then some delicious flavored water.

Whatever your plans are this 4th of July I hope you have a great time and festive drinks!




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